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Locket "Angel Caller" Medium

40,30 $
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Magnificent locket pendant made of solid sterling silver 925 with a beautiful open work cage. "Angel caller"with the different natural stones on the top. Medium Size: 17 mm diameter, 23 mm Height. Weight: 9gr. The color of the stone above may vary. The gift box is included. The Chain is not included. SEE CHAINS HERE

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The Angel Caller, that is also named “Bola” or “Harmony Ball”, is an ancestral jewelry that has been celebrated for centuries in the Mayan culture. This pendant sphere contains a silver ball that emits a subtle and harmonious chime when shaken, that brings calm and soothing. Legend has it that the soft jingling sound, that is unique for each Bola, is magic: it has the power to call the Guardian Angel of the wearer to provide them protection, comfort and guidance throughout life.

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