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Crafting Timeless Enchantment: The ArsAura Story

"Can beauty and utility not be united?" - Leonardo da Vinci's words have long inspired us at ArsAura, guiding our journey to create jewelry that is not merely adornment, but a tangible expression of life's most meaningful moments.

For over a decade, our family-owned studio has been a sanctuary where ancient metal artistry meets modern innovation. Descending from a lineage of Etruscan and Roman silversmiths in the quaint town of Amelia, near Rome, we have evolved our craft to the cutting edge of 3D jewelry modeling in Paris. From the simplest ring to the most intricate masterpiece, each piece is imbued with a spiritual and practical purpose.

At the heart of ArsAura lies a conviction: that the objects we choose to adorn ourselves with should speak to the soul, not just the senses. Our handcrafted lockets, keepsakes, and angel callers are not mere accessories, but talismans - designed to capture the essence of life's most cherished occasions, from anniversaries and birthdays to new beginnings and final farewells.

We believe that true beauty transcends the material, emanating from the wellspring of human emotion and experience. That is why our products come to you "from heart to heart, not wallet to wallet" - crafted with reverence for the natural world and a deep respect for the spiritual journey we all share.

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Welcome to the world of ArsAura, where the art of adornment becomes a conduit for timeless enchantment.

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Unlocking the Universal Language of Beauty

All of our ArsAura designs are rooted in two guiding principles - to be both practical and beautiful. While the practical aspects of our creations may be self-evident, the pursuit of true beauty is a more elusive, yet essential, component of our craft.
You see, within each of us resides a duality - the rational, logical mind, and the emotional, intuitive spirit. In our modern world, we have cultivated the former from an early age, while often neglecting the latter - the artistic wellspring that connects us to the realms of music, visual arts, and poetry.
But if we pause to observe the natural world around us, we bear witness to an undeniable truth: all living creatures, from the humble caterpillar to the soaring butterfly, embody an innate beauty rooted in the harmonious laws and mathematical formulas that govern their very existence. They are each a part of the grand Macro-cosmic Organism, woven into the tapestry of Universal Beauty.
When we align our creations with these same natural principles, we too can tap into the universal language of beauty. And when that harmony is disrupted, twisted, or misused, we instinctively recoil, like the "Ugly Duckling" who blossoms into the majestic Swan.
At ArsAura, our mission is to be the translators of this timeless, natural beauty, crafting jewelry that serves not only a practical purpose but also nourishes the soul. Through each pendant, locket, and angel caller, we seek to capture the essence of life's most cherished moments, giving tangible form to the emotional connections that make us truly human.

Beauty and Swan

Our Customer Service

Real professionals usually help to educate their customers by showing them different methods of work, designs, and materials so they can take some time and choose what they like, sellers who only care about making money quickly convince a customer to buy just anything (later those customers usually regret their purchases).
We Treasure Our Relationship With Our Customers!
Our satisfied buyers always refer their neighbors, friends, and relatives to us and we appreciate and take that responsibility very seriously. When we receive a compliment or testimonial from a client, we reply with gratitude to their comments on our Facebook page and Google Business page.


Hypoallergenic materials without rhodium-plating!

Jewels such as locket pendants, keepsake pendants, angel callers, and perfume pendants are created with pure ecological materials, without the use of strong chemicals like muriatic and sulfuric acid. Our sterling silver does not contain nickel "Ni" which causes reactions in sensitive skin. We do not make rhodium-plated(white gold) silver jewelry. Even a rhodium-plating would protect your jewelry for 1 to 3 years from the natural oxidation of sterling silver, nevertheless, the color of your pendant will dramatically change to gray and become less brilliant than the natural warm sterling silver (not plated) color. Mass-produced industrial jewelry is often plated to hide some blemishes and spots and plating is needed to prevent allergy risks produced by low-quality materials.
If you want to prevent oxidation we recommend "Argentium" alloy is a superior silver with a wide range of beneficial attributes for consumers:
Highly tarnish resistant | Beautiful bright-white color | Hypoallergenic | Strong |Responsibly made from ethically sourced silver.

Ancient techniques

“One of our principal missions is to preserve and conservative Ancient Techniques of manufacture, you probably know that all Traditional Arts and Crafts in 21 century slowly dying due to lack of patronage. We are committed to combining ancient metalsmiths artistic techniques such as Stone carving, Repousse, Chasing, Hand engraving, and Enamel with the most advanced 3D virtual modeling to protect them from vanishing.


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