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Our Artisan Studio & Brand ArsAura

"Cannot beauty and utility be combined—as appears in citadels and men?" Leonardo

ArsAura is a jewelry brand focused on delivering unique memorable products made by hand marking each special occasion or milestone of a client life like Birth, Marriage & Death.

"ArsAura" is a small family workshop of an art goldsmith, silversmith and other ancient traditional metal crafts started in Italy in 2001 by an artist and an engineer. Everything from a simple pendant to a masterpiece is carefully created with a unique design. We are trying to offer you a good variety of special or one of a kind jewelry.

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ArsAura Online Shop provides our customers guarantees based on the Global E-commerce Code of Conduct as defined by Retail and Trustmark organizations across the world.

Our Customer Service

We Treasure Our Relationship With Our Customers.
Our satisfied customers refer their neighbors, friends, and relatives to us and we appreciate and take that responsibility very seriously. When we receive a compliment or testimonial from a client, we always ask theml to publish their kind words and comments on Facebook or on Google.

Quality of all products + quality of  customer service 

Real professionals usually listen to their customers and then make a proposal to them with different designs to choose, goldsmiths who only try to make quick money will do exactly what the customer wants.

Hypoallergenic materials

Jewels such as earrings pendants, lockets, bands, rings, cufflinks, belts, cell phone cases, etc. are created with pure ecological materials, without chemicals (acids) and metal alloys(nickel) that cause reactions in sensitive skin.

Ancient techniques

To manufacture our exclusive jewels, we use ancient goldsmith and silversmith artistic techniques such as Stone carving, Repousse, Chasing, Hand engraving.


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