About us

Our company ArsAura

ArsAura offers the products made by hand, ensuring that each  piece is completely unique and unrepeatable!

"ArsAura" is a family workshop of artistic jewelry and craft in the ancient traditions of classical art, was founded in California  in 2002 by talanted italian goldsmith, artist and engineer. Everything from a simple chain to a master piece is carefully crafted with a unique design. Our online shop offering a good variety of special or one of a kind jewellery and crafts.

  • Ecological quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back

Our Customer Service team

Quality of our products + quality of our customer service !

Our relentless commitment to innovation drives the business forward and our dedication to quality and customer service is a vital component for delivery of our Vision.


Hypoallergenic materials

Jewels such as earrings pendants, lockets, bands, rings, cufflinks, belts, cell phone cases, etc. are created with pure ecological materials, without chemicals (acids) and metal alloys(nickel) that cause reactions in sensitive skin. For the manufacture of our exclusive jewels, we use antique goldsmith techniques such as: Repousse, Chasing and Hand engraving.

Ancient techniques