Custom made Locket pendants

What is a Locket Jewelry ? -a memory pendant  on a necklace  or a chain or a memory ring in a shape of a small ornamental case, usually it contains a picture or a lock of hair. Sometimes it serves as a Symbols of Mourning, sometimes as a Keepsakes of Love. Small piece of fabric scented with Perfume or essential oil could be inserted inside of Vinaigrette openwork Locket. Urn pendant (Cremated Remains pendant) could be filled with ashes or soil from the special place you visited (motherland). Also don't forget about a Window locket, with a glass window on each side or one side to display the objects held inside the pendant... 


Please write to us mentioning all possible details how would you imagine your Handmade Locket necklace: size(usually from 1.5 cm to 4.5 cm), shape(round, oval, rectangular, custom...), stones, metals, and other design elements(please attach photos or sketches). Remember to add some dates, words or initials hand engraved inside or outside. Order us to make an adjustment, montage and installation of your fotos.

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