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For the special photos that will be always with you everywhere you go in your unique locket pendant, we have a photo installation service, that includes preparing the colors, sizes, and composition of your images in Photoshop to adjust them the best way for the locket of your choice, but if you have time you can do it yourself at home, just follow these simple instructions.


After many years of working with custom locket pendants, I discovered a simple and easy method of installation. This detailed tutorial will help you to take measurements, print, transfer the frame contour to the photo, make a cut, make photos waterproof and finally insert your picture inside. To follow this tutorial It doesn't need to be a Heart-shaped locket, although the heart shape is not only the most beautiful shape but also has a capacity to contain 2 faces on each side of the locket. If your Locket comes with a transparent plastic insert inside you may skip the contour transferring step below. Before you start this photo project be sure you have all materials and tools ready.


Plastic Ruler, Self Adhesive transparent book covering film or high-quality sticky tape(Scotch), Fine Color Marker (yellow or red are the best), curved tip small scissors, small tweezers, wooden toothpick, normal or photo paper, printer.

How to put a picture into the locket pendant


With a plastic ruler measure width and height of the plastic insert(if you have one) or measure directly the longest distance between locket frame extremities at the middle of the frame( see the photo above). This will allow you to cut photos slightly bigger than the empty space of the locket ( you will see that this extra space around the photo will go behind the frame and hold the picture without a glue).

How to put a picture into the locket pendant


If you don't have or you are not familiar with any photo editing programs like Photoshop or Gimp I would recommend you to use simple online photo editors like "OddPrints" or special "Locket studio" editor by Marathon. Open directly the link to start a photo upload or you can read a guide below this article to learn how to use this online photo editor. The key thing is to make sure the image you upload has enough background around the subject’s face so that they don’t get clipped off, allow at list 1.5-3 mm free space. Download generated 102x152 mm page (4"x6"). Adjust your printer paper size to this format and try to print a black and white sample. You might need to adjust hight and(or) width with a Scale function after you printed a sample page.

open_in_browser Follow this link to open an Online Photo Editing Tool from "OddPrints"

open_in_browser Follow this link to open a Locket Studio Editing Tool from "Marathon".


In order to make a precise cut, we will make a template from sticky tape, which will precisely follow the contour of the locket frame. Just stick the tape to the frame on the side without a catch(left side), keep it completely flat, do not press it at the center with your finger.

How to put a picture into the locket pendant

Now with a color marker draw the line of the inner edge of the frame.

How to put a picture into the locket pendant

In this tutorial we were using a permanent marker so we could choose one of 2 options on how to make this red line disappear later; we can stick the tape template directly to the photo and erase red line with a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol or we can cut another piece of tape and cover the photo first, then we will stick a template tape on the top of it(see photo). When you start covering photo with the tape put it on the hard surface and start pressing it at the center and push it down and outwards toward the edge, this will reduce air pockets.

How to put a picture into the locket pendant

Now you can make a cut. Remember not to cut exactly on the line, make a small 2mm offset from the template line outwards. Before inserting the picture inside check if the locket catch is not on the way(see photo), if yes then place the cut photo on the top, mark the location of the catch and make a little 2 mm triangular cut out.

How to put a picture into the locket pendant


To finish the sealing of the photo we usually paint its edge with liquid silicon, but also bee or candle wax could be used. Start inserting a wider upper side of the heart first, press slightly with two fingers to bend it. Pick a toothpick and continue pushing and inserting it towards the point at the other end. If the end doesn't fit push the photo with your finger up. It should perfectly fit even sometimes a little bit wrinkled at the bottom.

Never use the glue, because it will be difficult to remove the photo later and also some glues can damage paper and plastic with time. If you really need to glue it use epoxy or transparent silicon instead.

How to put a picture into the locket pendant

Repeat the same process with the other side of the locket and you are ready to give this personalized Present for your Loved ones.

How to put a picture into the locket pendant

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How to put a picture into the locket pendant

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How to put a picture into the locket pendant

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