Football/soccer angel caller pendant necklace long
  • Football/soccer angel caller pendant necklace long
  • Football/soccer angel caller pendant necklace long
  • long silver chain

Angel Caller Football/soccer

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Score a goal for luck, focus, and harmony with the magical Angel Caller Soccer Ball Pendant! ⚽️✨
This unique charm, crafted from silver-plated copper and adorned with black enamel, emits a gentle chime with every move, summoning your guardian angel and promoting inner peace. Perfect for soccer fans, expectant mothers, and all who seek a touch of calmness, it comes gift-ready with a long chain.
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Calling all dreamers, athletes, and expecting mothers! Embrace the magic on and off the field (or crib!) with the enchanting Angel Caller Soccer Ball Pendant. ⚽️✨

Handcrafted from gleaming silver-plated copper and delicately cloaked in black enamel, this captivating charm features a perfect-sized soccer ball (20mm diameter, 25mm height) that holds a secret melody within.

With every step or gentle sway, this unique pendant softly chimes, summoning your guardian angel and bringing a touch of tranquility to your day. Whether you're a passionate player, a devoted fan, or carrying a precious miracle within, the Angel Caller Soccer Ball Pendant offers a beautiful reminder of protection, hope, and calming harmony.

Exquisitely crafted:

  • Solid silver-plated copper base for enduring shine and quality
  • Handpainted black enamel accents for a touch of sophistication
  • Delicate chime that creates a soft, magical call
  • Perfect size for everyday wear (20mm diameter, 25mm height)
  • Lightweight design (17 grams) for comfortable wear
  • Long chain included (114cm) for versatile styling

Known by many names:

  • Angel Caller: Summoning your guardian angel for protection and guidance.
  • Pregnancy Pendant: Calming and soothing your unborn baby with gentle chimes.
  • Harmony Ball, Bola, or Mexican Ball: A timeless symbol of peace and tranquility.

A touch of history and legend:

The Angel Caller, also named "Bola" or "Harmony Ball," is a piece of ancestral jewelry celebrated for centuries in the Mayan culture. This pendant sphere contains a brass ball that emits a subtle and harmonious chime when shaken, which brings calm and soothing. Legend has it that the soft jingling sound, which is unique for each Bola, is magic: it has the power to call the Guardian Angel of the wearer to provide them protection, comfort, and guidance throughout life.

The perfect gift:

Presented in a beautiful gift box, the Angel Caller Soccer Ball Pendant makes a meaningful and unique gift for players, coaches, fans, expectant mothers, and anyone who cherishes magic, dreams, and harmony.

Order yours today and discover the enchanting melody that awaits!

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