PINK SUNSET-Cultured Pearls

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It reminds me of a pink sunset, the white foam of the sea and those glazed reflections of the sun shining on the waves. It is a set of necklace, bracelet and earrings of 144 pink cultured fresh water pearls that illuminates your face, and makes you smile. It is fun, you can play with the 162cm long necklace around your neck and make it look like three necklaces or one very long or one short and one long or two of half length, etc. It is very easy to put on, combines with everything and gives an incredible touch of elegance and brightness to any outfit. The pearls are classic, but at the same time their varied colors in feminine and delicate tones and their flexibility in use, give a different contemporary look to this Italian handmade set.
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Pink Cultured Pearls
Bracelet: 18cm
Necklace: 162cm
Epaisseur, mm
Earring: 11mm
Bracelet: 25gr.
Earrings: 3,85gr.
Necklace: 120gr.